Tarot Card Reading for Jan 20, 2024

The Hermit

I decided to try a new thing for 2024. I wanted to do a reading for all of my followers here on my website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, I asked my guides to draw a card for me to read. While shuffling them, The Hermit card flew out of my hand and landed right side up.

So now I get to interpret it for you, my followers and readers, and I hope it has some meaning in your life.

For many, especially if you know the tarot, its meaning may be obvious. The hermit signifies isolation. In many parts of the U.S., we are experiencing extreme cold weather conditions. And many areas are getting lots of snow. And it’s only human nature to want to stay warm. So we stay in, isolate ourselves from the cold, and hopefully, enjoy a bit of solitude.

But the hermit has a deeper meaning, and that is of reflection and guidance. You may be facing a challenge. For whatever reason, so far this year, many of us have had to face one challenge after the other – myself included. And some challenges may require you to seek guidance from a friend, colleague, therapist, or teacher. Don’t be afraid or reluctant to seek help as the insights you receive will be helpful to you.

But whatever guidance you seek and help you receive, you will then have to do some soul-searching to finish working through the challenge. This will be especially true if the challenge you’re facing has to do with difficulties in a relationship, or with making decisions about your future or someone else’s (like a child or elderly parent.)

Don’t act hastily. Take some time to do this inner work, and be sure to take some time to recharge. Whatever challenges you are facing, they will all work out in the end.

Sending good vibes and wishing you a wonderful day!

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