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Psychic Medium Lorraine has been an evidential medium and intuitive psychic reader for the past three decades. She has reached thousands of people with her gifts, working on stage, reading at private parties, fundraisers, group events, and privately in her home. She has been a guest medium on numerous radio shows and has done two television pilots.

Lorraine has read for people all over the world. She has taught workshops and lectures at colleges and spiritual centers in New York and Connecticut. She now resides in North Carolina.

Her channeled texts and lectures are based on the messages she receives from spirit, which she began receiving in 2009 after a life changing trip to heaven that included an extraordinary encounter with Jesus and a miraculous healing. She has dedicated her life to healing others through her readings, past-life regressions, meditations, and spiritual healing.


Lorraine offers readings world-wide via Zoom and FaceTime in English only.
All services are by appointment only.


As a medium, Lorraine communicates with the spirits of your deceased loved ones to give you messages of love, comfort, and closure. For guidance and support, she communicates with angels, spirit guides, and the Ascended Masters. To do this, she uses her gifts of clairvoyance (seeing spirits), clairaudience (hearing spirits), or clairsentience (sensing or feeling spirits).

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Intuitive Psychic Readings

Along with her gifts of mediumship that enable Lorraine to connect with the spirit world, she also uses her psychic gift of claircognizance (knowing) to connect with her spirit guides, and the spirit guides of her clients, to intuitively receive messages, helping her to answer her client’s questions about love, romance, career, health, and their life experiences.

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Intuitive Psychic Readings


Medium Lorraine is a Reiki Master and has been offering healings in spiritualist churches and Christian churches for the past 18 years. Trained in Reiki, Healing Touch, Quantum Touch, Energy Healing, and Accupressure, she combines her knowledge of all the healing modalities and uses them in connection with her spirit guides, your spirit guides, the angels, the Ascended Masters, the Prophets of the Bible, and of course, Jesus to bring you the most restorative, peaceful energy healing that can alleviate chronic pain, migraines, Lyme Disease, chronic illness, and so much more.

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