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Psychic Medium Lorraine has been an evidential medium and tarot card reader for the past three decades. She has reached thousands of people with her gifts, working on stage, reading at private parties, fundraisers, group events, and privately in her home. She has been a guest medium on numerous radio shows and has done two television pilots.

Lorraine has read for people all over the world. She has taught workshops and lectures at colleges and spiritual centers in New York and Connecticut, and now in North Carolina.

Her latest writing and lectures are based on the channeled texts she began receiving in 2009, after a trip to heaven, and an extraordinary encounter with Jesus, resulting in miraculous healing. Since then she has dedicated her life to healing others through her readings, past-life regressions, meditations, and Reiki.

When entering a reading with Lorraine, please enter it with an open mind. You may not hear what you expect to hear, but rather, what you need to hear.

Please go to the services page to purchase a reading with Lorraine. If you’d like to have a free healing session with Lorraine, please go to HeavenlyHealing.org.

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Channeled Messages

Family:  Love and Jealousy
Family: Love and Jealousy

In this dialogue, Jesus talks about how jealousy can cause a loving family to turn against one-another, and the effects it has on future generations.

Prayer, Death, and Healing
Prayer, Death, and Healing

We pray with the hope that our prayers will be answered. But most times they are not. In this dialogue, Jesus talks about prayers and healing. A good read for healers.

God, Love, and You
God, Love, and You

In this channeled text, Jesus talks about loving God and loving yourself – the two most important commandments – and he explains why you cannot exist without God.

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