The Jesus Chats: Is Heaven Real

Lorraine: Is heaven real?

Jesus: Yes, heaven is real. But it is not what most people believe it to be. Unfortunately, the number of people who believe heaven exists is declining. And most of those that still believe in its existence, believe it is a physical place. It is not. In order to get to a physical place you have to be in a physical form, and you have to travel by some psychical means to get there. The only way to get to heaven is by dying. And when you die, you are in a non-physical form. You are in a spiritual form. Heaven is a spiritual place. To get here you must travel in a non-physical form through space, not by any vehicle or some other physical means, but by thought. And that is why heaven is so special.

Lorraine: I don’t understand. Why does this make heaven so special?

Jesus: Because heaven is everything you think it is. When you are in spiritual form, whatever you think, you do. What you think, you are. And whatever you think, you create. Everything that happens in heaven is through thought. Sometimes it is through a collective thought, and sometimes it is by individual thought. And the thoughts you have in heaven are very different from the thoughts you have on earth in your physical forms. There’s no negative thinking here, nothing resulting from anger, depression, or the human condition. Thoughts here are all loving, positive, and for the highest good.

Lorraine: You make heaven sound so perfect.

Jesus: It is perfect. And believe it or not, subconsciously your spirit remembers it. You came from God and you go back to God. Your spirit has already been here.

Lorraine: If there any message you’d like to end with tonight?

Jesus: Yes. Since we are talking about thoughts and what your thoughts create in heaven, your thoughts also create your reality on earth. It is so important that you watch your thinking. It is too easy to become negative thinkers in your world. And once you become a negative thinker, bad things start to happen. How can you possibly get ahead, achieve the highest good, and become great people when you’re thinking negative, destructive thoughts? You can’t. If you’ve ever wondered why your world is becoming increasingly angrier, more destructive, with more hate crimes being committed, I tell you it is all because of negative thinking patterns that go uncorrected. They fester and grow, and they are transferred to other people, to offspring, and to society. Your world has become infected with hate. Force yourself to think positive thoughts and see what happens. At the very least you will feel better about yourself and about life and humanity.


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