Lorraine has spent many years working with psychic children, helping them cope and manage their gifts. Psychic abilities can be scary for any child or parent that doesn’t understand what is taking place. Helping kids learn to work with their psychic gifts, how to control and protect themselves, and developing their individual talents is a calling Lorraine has felt for many years. Why is she so passionate about this work? “No one was able to help me when I was a kid,” she says. “There were many times I was afraid and couldn’t talk about what I experiencing with anyone, including my friends. I felt very alone.”

Lorraine has the ability to see and communicate with your child’s spirit guides. And if your child is seeing spirits, she can also see and communicate with those spirits to determine why they are reaching out to your child. She can help your child understand their gifts, overcome their fear, and teach them how to use their gifts wisely.

During each session, Lorraine will meet with you and your psychic child(ren). You may purchase one session, or as many sessions are you feel necessary. Each session is 45-minutes in length and costs $90.