Forgiveness is critical to our physical health and mental well-being. But forgiving someone that has hurt you is not easy. Forgiving is a process. It starts with the acknowledgment that you need to forgive, followed by the desire to forgive. Getting to that point where you can put the anger and painful feelings behind you, and reach the point of healing and feeling peace, takes time and can be burdensome when done alone.

Lorraine teaches “Forgiveness through Empowerment” at a New York college. She is writing a textbook and workbook to help facilitate people trying to heal and forgive those that have hurt them – including themselves.

While going through the process of forgiving, Lorraine can help you by giving you the tools and techniques necessary to attain your goal. Not everybody can say they forgive someone and then do instantly. It takes work, dedication, and desire to heal.

Each session is 30 minutes. Lorraine will talk with you about your individual situation. And then she’ll give you the tools and techniques necessary to work on your particular set of circumstances. You may follow up with Lorraine, on an as-needed basis, as you work through the process.