Through smudging and prayer, Lorraine will spiritually cleanse and bless your home, apartment or office, freeing it of negative energy, and replacing it with healthy positive energy, making you feel better and work more efficiently.  Cleansing is done using white sage, and the blessing is done through prayer to seal in love and light, and for protection.

Lorraine currently only travels to homes and businesses located in Westchester and Putnam Counties in New York, and Fairfield County in Connecticut. She will also travel to the more southern parts of Dutchess County in New York.

The cleansing and blessing of an average size home or office (1200 to 2000 sq. ft) takes approximately 2 hours to do. Lorraine’s fee is based on travel time and the actual time needed to cleanse the location. If you have a space that is greater than 3,000 sq. ft., you must purchase 2 cleansings.

Lorraine has the ability to see and communicate with “ghosts” and other spirits present in the home or business location. If any spirits are present, Lorraine will encourage and help them to leave. If you believe your location is “haunted,” please let Lorraine know. A phone consultation prior to the cleansing will be necessary.

After you purchase the Home & Office Cleansing, Lorraine will contact you by email to get all pertinent information, and to schedule your appointment.