Shortly after Lorraine’s abilities as a psychic medium soared in 2007, she discovered the ability to heal. Or, as Lorraine says, “God somehow uses my abilities as a psychic medium to heal through me. I’m just the conduit.” For an entire summer, she worked as a healer at a church in western Litchfield County, Connecticut, where numerous miraculous were witnessed. For the next two years, she held weekly healing services in her home, several churches, and she made at-home visits for anyone too ill to travel.

But Lorraine walked away from that work for multiple reasons. “There’s a tremendous responsibility to being a healer,” she said. “There’s this enormous pressure to heal everyone that comes to you for help. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen for everyone. It was very upsetting to me when people walked away unhealed. And I didn’t have any say in the matter. It was all entirely up to God. Being a chronic pain sufferer the past 34 years, and going to one healer after the other, I know all too well how disappointing it is not be healed.”

Yet, Lorraine did receive a miraculous healing. Not for her chronic pain, but for a tumor on her neck that was cutting off her ability to swallow. Diagnosed with cancer, and on IV drips every 4 hours for months, no cancer was ever found. Every attempt to remove the tumor only made it grow larger. By the 5th month, the tumor was so large and heavy, Lorraine couldn’t hold her head up without support. One night, she closed her eyes and awoke in heaven and met Jesus. He touched her neck and she returned to her body. Three months later, the tumor was gone.

Lorraine knew that that kind of miraculous healing was available to everyone and that one day, she would resume the healing work. That time is now.

Healing is offered through donations. Simply put, if you can’t afford a donation, you don’t have to make one to receive a healing. All healing appointments must be scheduled with Lorraine in advance, and each session lasts anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.

How it Works

“It’s simple, really,” Lorraine said. “I sit with you and listen. I listen to what you say and I listen to what your heart says. And I let the healing pour through me, from me to you. God does the rest.”

To schedule a healing session with Lorraine, or to request prayer for healing, please fill out the email form below.

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